Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 09!

Hello all:

Hopefully 09 will be a good year for all.  Every year is filled with both ups and downs hopefully this year will have more peaks than valleys.  One of the first gags I once wrote for a famous comic strip was, life is a series of trade offs, if you come out even you are ahead

I remain optimistic that my writing career will continue to grow.  Sapphire Sirens is due in book stores at the end of the year.  Ballistic Babes (Vixen and Bombshell combined) hits stores in April.  Plus Dangerous Dames will be a SF book pick early this year.   I have ideas for a couple of other Zach books and a comic.

As for non Zach writing (when you are midlist you need multiple projects) I hope to actually get a new comic in Zuda and win this year.  I have another book idea I am working on with my buddy Shannon Duffy.   I have another comic idea I am working on with my other buddy Elena Beloff plus I still hope to someday do a hypnosis book with Elena.  I also have a couple of scripts bouncing around with producers.  So we will see.

And of course there is still my own comic strip Working Daze.  I hope it's readership continues to grow.

Peace!  See you all next week.

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Custom Coaster said...

Happy New Year! Anyhow I just read my the first half of Dangerous Dames (Plutonium Blonde) which was really well put and I'm enjoying the second half (Doomsday Brunette). I think it's the fight scenes that really get me pumped to draw.

Anyhow the new book I hope moves, well since it's hard to find a lot of these in bookstores.Comics you just got me wanting time to become a person and that when that being runs time moves by faster. I would love to see a Cartoonist take on a comic based on your books. Kinda like the comic Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, it was done tasteful and made me feel like I was reading a detailed Fight scene from your books.