Friday, February 20, 2009

More speed

I am no finally wrapping up The Sapphire Sirens.  I have found out something else about my writing speed, it really increases when I can see the finish line.

I am so close to being done now I can taste it.  I see the end in my minds eye clearly I just need to write it.  The cool thing is I am writing it quite quickly.  I am here on break visiting family in Costa Rica for a couple of days.   It's not the most conducive environment for writing, we live in a crowded part of town, I have a LOT of relatives around, we have many barking dogs, there are many honking horns and there are a lot of construction workers working away.  Yet despite all of this I have been putting down over 5K words a day.  

I guess now that I can see the end I write my way to it fast before I forget it.  :)  Actually I just want to wrap this one up as I always feel so much better once I have all 80K words down.


Janet said...

I am gobsmacked. That is so fast.

Custom Coaster said...

Good Show, sir, that's some major typing for sure. I was thinking this, since you speed write, do you speed talk to yourself like in your mind is there a voice that you would use for each character or just a mind set? While writing, it matters the character, I'll use a person like a character for the character. Example creepy little man character i.e. Peter Lori like voice, so would Zack or Randy be like something Hero like i.e. Plasticman (Batman: Brave and Bold voice - Tom Kenny) or something Nerdy i.e. Doctor Venture (Venture Brothers - James Urbaniak)? Though you might not use this method I just was wondering for the hell of it, more or less.