Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book off

Well the Sapphire Haired Sirens has now been delivered to Daw. Now I wait for them to give me their feedback and suggested edits.

It's always an interesting time when you finish a book. On one hand you feel relieved, you did it. You had this story inside of you and you told it in a orderly and entertaining fashion. It's done. It's out the door. It belong to the world now.

On the other hand, you feel like a parent who has just sent their child off to school. You can't help wondering, have I done enough? Is he ready? Maybe I should prepare him more?

Of course you can't coddle them forever (as much as you would like to) so you have to send them off.

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Anonymous said...

Eh. I love your books simply because that they show how much fun you have writing them. They're so campy and fun. Therefore, while giving up your children is sad, at least know that you have a fanbase that DEMANDS your babies. (Sounds so un-creepy when you put it that way!