Friday, April 10, 2009

Down time work

While I wait for my feedback from Daw I am working on a number of projects.

First I am trying to get my mind around my next solo-novel.  I have a cool idea about a Dwarf PI living in a sort of other dimension Earth, where it's the equivalent of the 1970s and creatures from fantasy mix with regular humans. 

I am also working on a YA novel, about a girl who is half-vampire with my buddy Shannon Duffy.

I am also working on a hypnosis self-help book with my good friend: writer, director, hypnotist, actress: Elena Beloff

I am also working on the next issue of my comic Sam 3.14,PI being illustrated by Scott Roberts and inked and lettered  by John Dallaire.  

Plus I am working on my next zuda entry, a serious one.  This one will be illustrated by Chris Meeks, John Dallaire will ink and color and Elena will also be onboard as a co-writer.  Man we better win this time.


An Eerie Tapestry said...

Nor a particularly relevant or insightful comment, but just had to mention that your idea of a dwarf PI reminded me of that old cartoon "Inch High, Private Eye". Man, was that cartoon lame; hopefully your novel will be terrific and help redress the dwarf PI karma balance.

Custom Coaster said...

First Inch High, Private Eye was amazing, not in animation or in plot, but just everything about it is why there should be a bigger fan base. It was one of those it's just the worst thing I have to own 3 copies as do my friends.

Anyhow second the ideas are sound, but it's all about will it sell like a sample of how the character will talk or is there a gimmick for the main cast. I really like the idea of combining fantasy with people, mytho-humans. There was also a "Midget Detective" Film made for TV, Comedy Central, that was pretty good. Though the bad thing about it was that the whole movie was a giant short job, which is a hard thing to run around, so that's a point that could be made into something of interest that the main character could play with.

Third, Sammy's coming back that's great news, really since I just finished up a Robo-P.I. book recently and I've been inching for more books of the same suite to read.

And I'm in the middle of the Blue-Haired Bombshell what a book. I really enjoy the use of color the most in this novel. I'm thinking of how to capture the hotel scene in fan art I wanna make. I have ideas for the first two books, but I'm a bit stuck with the second. I'll think of something though.

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