Saturday, January 25, 2014

Magic In Working Daze

Hey all:

I like to think of Working Daze as a fantasy office strip.  Being a sci fi and fantasy writer I think it's only natural that I would sneak in some magic now and then again.  (Plus I have to admit I was influenced by a lot of watching Bewitched as a kid.)

That said, Scott and I like to at least listen to our fan's feedback.  (We're too poor not to.)  That said, we're running a little poll to see if Dana should keep her awesome cosmic office manager's powers or give them up.

We're interested in seeing what our fans and readers think.


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na yiu said...

Scott and I want to at least listen to the feedback of our fans. This is a great thing that I know, respect you and listen to the fans, it's good.friv 10