Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watching and Writing

To me being a good humor SF writer means reading other and watching humor and SF on television. Truthfully I actually watch more TV than I do reading.  Don't know if it's because I am lazy but I prefer to think it's because I want to branch out into TV.  No matter what the reason, watching certain shows on TV does give me good ideas for both jokes and how I want my writing to flow.  Plus it allows me to relax my mind and to get away from typing for a while.  It's another part of my job.

 So yes I consider watching Heros and Sarah Connor Chronicles and Chuck and Big Bang Theory work.  Fun work for the most part but work nonetheless.  By seeing what works for these shows and doesn't work for these shows I can learn what works for me and what I should avoid.

For instance I still enjoy watching Heroes but they tend to throw too many characters at us without a lot happening sometimes and with too much happening other times.  I also think sometimes they make the characters act less intelligent than they should in order to move the plot forward.  This is something I try to avoid.  Not sure if I succeed  but I try.  

I also learn a lot from The Big Bang Theory as I figure the guys on that show would be fans of my writing as they love talking about video games and comic books.  Plus it is fun for me to see how other people depict people who are more comfortable dealing with machines than other people as they try to deal with other people.  Plus I have to admit I am a geek.  

By entertaining myself I believe that makes me a happier and better writer.  After all, part of my theory on writing is, Write what you like and others will like it too.  Watching (and reading) others people's writing helps me learn more about what I like and don't like and therefore hopefully not only makes me happier but a better writer.

On that note: who the heck decided to put so many of the shows I really like on Monday and leave other nights so empty?  Fox please more Terminator (well Sarah Connor) to Wednesdays.  Team it Bones again or something.  



Anonymous said...

I write what makes me laugh and I hope that other people "get" my sense of humor. Do you agree with that approach? - Sande

Johnzakour said...

Yes I certainly agree with that approach. I've based my writing around that approach.

Well not what makes you laugh but what makes me laugh.