Saturday, December 13, 2008

Man, this should have been in one of my books.

Just heard on "All things considered" about a gang of women in Ugandan robbing men by knocking them out by putting chloroform on their breasts. I guess this gives whole new meaning to phrases, "boob job". I only mention this because it sounds like something the bad girls in my books should have done (but haven't) but probably will do in some futuristic form in a later book.

Man their victims must feel like real boobs. (Okay I'm done now.)


Custom Coaster said...

Hahahahaaha this is true too! That's the best part and people say there aren't real Super villians in this world, that's just pure evil something pure like Breasts and making them "knock-out girls" in more then one way it seems.

If anything I would move forward to something a bit more deadly like Go Nagai's creations from the Mazinger Z series and most of anything he's done and put togather a "missle" busty woman. Eric Larsen has made a woman somewhat the same named Bomb Queen, it was the meaning of the word "Bombshell" puns are what Hanna Barbara put in too many of their cartoons, I'm sorry.

Janet said...

I hooted out loud when I read that news report, and cracked most of the same inevitable jokes. Bet those guys had fun explaining to their wives how they got robbed while away on business. (Bet they lied.)

Custom Coaster said...

I was talking about this the other day with my friends and we came to the point. How in the hell would they sneak out the nude men or for that matter wouldn't the drug knock out the women too, so now it's nude men and women. What do you say to that "It's a DEER look away!" really I'd want to see this in action, but I guess more like in a movie or a joke.