Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Book Drops

Flaxen Femme Fatale officially went on sale in bookstores all over the country yesterday.  I had almost forgotten that yesterday was the big day as I am now in "writing mode" trying to get the first full draft of the NEXT novel The Sapphire Sirens done on or around the end of month.  Luckily my sister called excitedly from a B&N in Boston saying, "I'm in the bookstore now and they have your books here!"

Right then I remembered, "Oh yeah my book comes out today..."  I am a little slow sometimes.  My wife attributes it to too much World of Warcraft.  I contribute it to aging or maybe landing on my head one too many times in judo.  Whatever the case, I switched into my book marketing mode.   Marketing is one of those things almost all authors have to do these days.  It's what I find as being one of the most unnatural (to me) parts of the book mind to book store process.  Basically I need to tell people, "buy my book it's really good, without quite saying, buy my book it's really good."  Though I do have to admit on few occasions I have actually told people I meet in bookstores and conferences, "buy my book, it's really good."

Getting back to my favorite (and only) sister I immediately told her to buy all the copies of the book.  She of course refused instead insisting that she gets one of my free copies.  I figured sure, this way my holiday shopping for her is done.  I did tell her to do what I would do if I was in the bookstore, give the book a turn out, so people could see the cover.  She told me the book was already turned out which made me feel good.  

Now this coming weekend I will be doing my part, I will be visiting all the local bookstores in my area and first making sure they are carrying my books.  If they don't care them I will talk to the book buyer and let them know I am a local nationally published author who would be grateful if they started carrying my books.  If they do care my books (which thankfully most of them do) I will first give my books a nice little turn out.  I will then once again seek out the manager and or book buyer and tell them who I am and then offer to sign any books they have on hand in the story.  I've never met a manger or book buyer who hasn't responded well to this.   Some of them even suggest doing book signings and readings and stuff like that.  It's not much but when you are "low midlist" you do whatever you can to help your cause.


Jim C. Hines said...

Congrats on the release, John!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'm halfway through! It's a lot of fun!

Ace said...

Huzzah for the new release!

I can hear Zach's theme song playing in my head now.

Better get me to the store to pick it up.