Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Build it and They Will Read

In order to write an interesting story an author (at least this author) needs to understand his characters motivations. In order to do that the author must understand the world and the environment their characters grew up in and are interacting with. As as people shape the world around so are they shaped by that world. (It's early and I am still on my first cup of caffeine.)

After seven books I understand much of this futuristic world Zach lives in. The thing is much of my next story, The Seven Sapphire Sirens takes place on Atlantia a place that has been isolated from society and therefore is different. I hit a bit of mental log jam yesterday and I figured out this happened because I really didn't know Atlantia all that well. I had a vague concept in my mind (which is sometimes all you need) but in this case I first needed to know the world better. Then I could get to know the Sapphire Sirens in this world better and therefore know their motivations.

I am now going to get to know the world "live" in front of you as I write down some of my thoughts on Atlantia. (I won't share all of my thoughts just enough so you can see the process.)

-- Population 100K all women. A domed city under the water. The city can move if need. (Though it hasn't moved in decades.)

-- Located in the middle of the pacific and cloaked.

-- All the buildings seem to be made from natural crystals. It's really just one big town. There is a giant park in the middle of the town.

-- Ruled by a queen and her princess daughters. (Yes, this a lot like the island Wonder Woman comes from.)

-- All the women are taller and stronger than normal humans all have the ability to mesmerize human males with their voices. (Okay, wonder woman with some Dune tossed in.) The women are human but advanced as Atlantian society predates dry society.

-- It is a very closed society, the woman all age very slowly. If they need to mate or just "have fun with a man" they can visit the "dry world" and either have fun there for a while or if you have royal blood you may bring a pet man back to Atlantia for a short period of time.

-- Totally self-sufficient, semi-socialist society with bots doing most of the labor. The women of Atlantia are then free to explore science and the arts with their time. (Though a small portion of them are needed to maintain the bots.)

-- The bots on Atlantia are not as advanced as bots on the rest of Earth because the bots have simpler tasks. There is also no holographic technology on Atlantia as that goes against natural perceptions.

-- The queen's word is final.

-- They do pick up signals from the dry world and some do watch entertainment from the dry world. (But they convert 3D signals to 2D.) Others argue that this corrupting their society and therefore should be avoided.

-- For their own entertainment they have plays and music and exhibits. A couple Atlantians have gone to the dry world to become stars.

I also drew out a map of the city which helps me get the lay of the end.

Between this rough map and this general ideas I now know enough to move forward.

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