Friday, September 26, 2008

Still plowing away

I'm still plowing (or should I say ploying or plotting) away with The Sapphire Sirens. As I write those Sirens are all talking on very distinct personalities and traits. I am learning a couple of them wouldn't do what I thought they were going to do. Which was kind of sad because I needed these characters to perform certain actions to push the plot forward. Thing is I decided the actions and motives didn't match the characters.

Lucky another character (or two) stepped up and filled the void with their motives and moves. That's what I love about writing when one door shuts a couple mental windows open to sneak the plot in a different less obvious (but still as likely) direction. That's why I need to outline. It lets me guide the story without locking anything in. (It's easy to backtrack and fix at this stage.)

As for writing different characters, to me it's my chance to "act" as I try to think like each character would think. It's one of the aspects of writing I find to be the most challenging but also the most fun. I get paid to pretend to be somebody else, well sort of.

Holy paranoid Batman

I am working with a illustrator to produce a comic (for Iphones and such) based on Zach and company. Since Zach's office is located on the docks of new Frisco the artist decided to go to a certain city and snap some pictures of their docks. The department of defense police spotted him and forced him to give them his phone. They then proceeded to delete his photos. On one hand I'm glad somebody is watching. On the other hand I'm kind of scared somebody is watching. Sign of the times.

A sneak peak...

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