Monday, September 22, 2008

Mental Traffic Jam

Man, outlining can be such a drag. Yes it is an important part of my process. It's what makes the writing part fun and easy but at the risk of being redundant it is a drag. Still, writing is a job and like any other job (unless of course you are Ryan Seacrest) there are some parts of it that may not be fun but you still have to do them. The thing that was complicating matters was I have another project, a comic book, that is just in it's very early stages. (I am too poor not to have at least three projects at going at different stages at once.)

One thing I have learned about my own mind though is if one story idea is in it's infant stages, i.e it's just a glitter of an idea, I won't be able to continue with other projects until I get that story at least summarized from start to finish. It creates a mental traffic jam in my brain. So I actually took yesterday to write that idea all the way. It's just five paragraphs: a begging, middle and end, but that's all I need. I now know exactly where that story is going to go therefore it is no longer clogging my brain's pathways. As an added bonus the summary I wrote can be added to the pitch of the comic.

Ah, it's good when things work out.

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