Sunday, September 28, 2008


Recently I read a question on one of the forums I visit asking: Why Do Writers Write? It made me think but only a little as in my case the answer is fairly simple.

I write because:

  1. I enjoy writing and people pay me money to do it. It's great. I believe one of the secrets to happiness is finding people to pay you to do what you love.
  2. The hours are flexible, being a writer has enabled me to be a housedad to my son, to be there when he comes home from school and to hang out with him. (I also have to credit my wife with this one as her full time real day job is what first enabled me to quit my regular day job to be a writer.)
  3. I get to make up my old world, with my own rules. In way I guess writing is like escapism for me. It's a job and therapy.
  4. Writing when well done entertains people. So it kind of gives me purpose in life.
  5. Finally I get to go to conventions and stuff and I get to hang out with cool people.

Me at comic con this year with my buddy Liana K (I'm the one trying to look skinny....)


Janet said...

LOL. And your wife APPROVES of you "hanging" out with your "cool people"?

Johnzakour said...

My wife is the one who took the picture.

There is also a picture of my son and I with Liana.

Then we all went to lunch together.

Janet said...

Ah yes, always safer that way. :o)